Leviticus 17:14a “‘For as for the life of all flesh, its blood is identified with its life.’” 


Some people wonder why the Jews sacrificed animals and spilled their blood on the altar.  Some wonder why Jesus had to shed His blood on a cross.  This verse explains it.  Life is in the blood.  A sacrificed life is required for the remission of sins.  The sad part about the animal sacrifices was that this had to continue. The joyous part about Christ’s sacrifice was that it was a one time for all time thing.  Done! Finished! Complete!

Christ hung on the cross once.  Christ died once.  Christ was the only One who could have delivered us because His life was pure. His blood was pure.  His sacrifice fulfilled the Law completely.  Nothing else could have done that.  Nothing!


 The next time (and believe me there will be a next time) your little Johnny or Susie cleans their room halfway, talk about Christ’s complete sacrifice.  A half-cleaned room is NOT clean.  If Christ has just “offered” to die for us we would not have been forgiven.  We have to go all in, not part way.

Completion is important.  Finishing the task is important.  In fact, Christ’s last words on the cross were, “It is finished.”  He knew He had to give His life blood completely and wholly to satisfy His Father. He gave His all so we could have it all – all of glory, all of forgiveness, all of eternity.  Wow!

Are you holding back?  Are you not giving all of your life to Him?  Let Him have it all today.  He will give it back, but in much better shape.  He will cleanse it with His blood.  It will have His seal of approval on it that never expires.  What a bargain!

Lord, You are too good to me.  I so thankful You have completely forgiven me and not just part way.  I am so thankful Christ’s sacrifice paid the price forever.


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