Leviticus 6:18b “‘Whoever touches them will become consecrated.’”


The Lord said over and over that whomever touched the offerings would be holy or consecrated (set apart).  Just touching the offering would cause this.  Not eating it!  Not the act of performing the offering.  Just touching it.  Hmmmm, how is that possible?

It was possible because it belonged to the Lord. The moment that offering was presented to the Lord, it became His and whatever is His is holy.  Another hmmmm moment – as a believer, you are His. Therefore, YOU are holy.  Isn’t that incredible?


 Children need to learn that, once they become believers, they are holy.  Now, you are going to have to explain that to them.  They see “holy” as something beyond their reach.  They may see God as holy or even the Pastor as holy, but not themselves.  But they are!

As parents, our job is to present our children to the Lord.  We are virtually “offering” our children to the Lord.  Once He touches them (through salvation) they become holy, as He is. Then our job is do all we can to keep them that way through prayer, the Word and giving them the example to follow.

Have you been touched?  Have you been made holy?  Then live like it.  Live holy. Speak holy.  It’s not that hard – if you let the Lord do it.  He will be “your holy.”  He will live holy through you. He will speak holy through you.

Holy Father, touch me today and make me holy.  I long to live in holiness.  I want others to see Your holiness in me.


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