Deuteronomy 15:4 “‘However, there will be no poor among you, since the LORD will surely bless you in the land which the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance to possess,’”


 Read that verse again.  Can you imagine no poverty?  Can you imagine a society where everyone has enough to eat?  How about clothes to wear or shelter over their heads?  I drive down the streets of Chattanooga, TN where I live every day.  And every day I see people out begging for food.  I see homeless people living under bridges or in the woods behind a shopping center.  Why?

I truly believe it is because we do not honor our God.  If we all worshipped the one true God, and I mean everyone, then there would be no one in need.  I know that sounds like a pipe dream.  But why would the Lord tell Moses to say this to the people as they were entering the Promised Land?  Do you think God was lying to them?  Of course not.  But they had to do their part and obey Him.


 The next time you are out with your children and you see those on the street asking for a handout, bring up this verse.  Because we live in a fallen world, sin has consequences.  Some sins lead to poverty.  Talk to your children how they can follow the Lord’s leading in regards to helping those less fortunate.  No one is promised wealth and prosperity.  But all who turn to Him are promised to have their needs (not wants) met.

You may be saying, “Now wait, Carl, that sounds like pie in the sky promises.  God doesn’t promise that.”  Really?  Didn’t Jesus say the Father knows the number of hairs on your head?  Doesn’t He clothe you better than the lilies?  God knows our needs and will meet those according to His perfect plan.

Are you stressing out over finances right now?  Have you turned that over to Him?  Let Him have your debit card (I would have said check book but no one has those anymore, lol.).  Ask the Lord to meet that need you have and then thank Him for meeting it.  Finally, as you are able, help meet that need of someone else.  That may be just the way God is meeting that need they are praying for.

Lord, thank You for being the God of all, not just the rich and well off.  You care for the lowest of the low.  Show me how to help meet the needs of others.


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