1 Chronicles 7:2b “The sons of Tola were mighty men of valor in their generations…”


 You don’t hear that word anymore – Valor.  It seems in our generation that if someone is known for valor they are called a warmonger or murderer.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Do you even know what the word really means?  The Hebrew word chayilmeans strength, might and power.  Now what is wrong with that?

Don’t you want to be like that?  Don’t you want to be strong and powerful.  It’s interesting that whenever this word is used it refers to those who are fighting for the Lord.  They were fearless men who would endure to the end.  The sons of Tola weren’t the only men of valor in the Bible, but they are an example of it.


 Wouldn’t it be great if your little Elrod or Gertrude were known for their valor? They don’t have to be warriors to show valor.  That can be shown in their daily lives by standing up for what is right.  In this day and age that takes valor.  The world does not want us to represent Christ and to oppose evil.  That is seen as intolerant.  No! That shows valor!

Do you know how you can help your children have valor?  By teaching them to be brave, fearless, bold, gallant and steadfast.  Those are all words which describe valor.  And the only way your children can do any of those things is through the strength of the Lord.  If valor is present in their lives it is only because the Lord gives it.

Will you be known for your valor?  Or will you be known for your cowardice?  No one wants to be known as a coward.  No one who stands up for the Lord and for what is good and righteous in this life can be a coward.  Will you decide today to show valor in your daily walk?  He will give you all you need to do just that.

Father, You are the giver of valor.  Let me be known as a son of valor.  Let me be known as one who stands for You, no matter what.


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