1 Chronicles 2:17 “Abigail bore Amasa, and the father of Amasa was Jether the Ishmaelite.”


Isn’t it interesting how families form? When you marry into a family, you get a whole other family, warts and all.  When your siblings marry, you gain brothers or sisters-in-law.  Their choice becomes your family.

The Abigail here in this verse was the sister of David, the king of Israel.  Now, we don’t know when exactly she married her husband.  We don’t know if she was older or younger than David. But we do know she married Jether, the Ishmaelite.  We just can’t choose our siblings’ spouse, can we?


 When it comes time for your little Johnny or Susie to marry I know you pray they will marry someone who loves the Lord and will raise your future grandchildren to honor and love Him. That is why it is so important for you to begin early teaching your children about marriage.  “What?  Carl, you are crazy!”  Hear me out.

As you model your marriage as a Christ-centered marriage in which you honor and respect their father or mother, they will see that.  You are driving down pegs in their mind as to what a spouse and marriage should look like. You can help direct them as they begin to date by teaching the godly qualities to look for in a mate.  In-laws can’t be chosen, but you can steer your children’s choices.

Back to your in-laws.  I bet you have at least one who isn’t a believer. Perhaps the Lord led them into your life for just the reason to lead them to the Lord.  God has a way of having our paths cross with others for such a reason.  Pray how you can reach that lost in-law for Christ.

Father, thank You for all the family You have given me, in-laws or outlaws.  Help me see opportunities to share Jesus with those who don’t know You.  I pray today for their salvation.


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