1 Chronicles 18:14 “So David reigned over all Israel; and he administered justice and righteousness for all his people.”


Don’t you just love this verse?  If you read just the first part, it would sound like any other king of Israel.  You have to read the second part.  It tells HOW he reigned – with justice and righteousness.  Those two words change everything.  Don’t you think?

David administered justice.  That means he did what was just for all.  Those decisions probably were not easy.  But if you are following the Lord, you will be just.  Then it says he administered righteousness.  Now, David wasn’t righteous by himself.  He relied on God to make him righteous, and through that righteousness flowed to the people.


How do you teach your children about justice and righteousness?  It is not easy.  Only by allowing the Holy Spirit to reign in your life can you do that. And your children will only learn justice and righteousness through the saving power of Jesus.

Just does NOT mean fair.  Just means according to God’s justice.  He will always be just and true.  By allowing Him to reign, He can show your children true justice.  And your children will only be made “right” through His righteousness.  Anything else comes up short.

Are you “reigning in justice and righteousness?  Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you in your everyday decisions? Remember, people are being influenced by you. Don’t show them the flip side – injustice and unrighteousness. That would drive them further away from our Savior.

Lord God, You are beside me all the time.  I know that.  But help me as I seek to lead others in righteousness and justice.  Let them see You and not me.


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