Zechariah 5:1 “Then I lifted up my eyes again and looked, and behold, there was a flying scroll.”


 Zechariah says so nonchalantly, “and behold, there was a flying scroll.” What?  If I had seen a flying scroll, I think I would have done a double take.  How did Zechariah accept this sight so easily?  Because he trusted the One who was given him the vision.

What has the Lord shown you lately?  Are you even looking?  The Lord is constantly revealing Himself to us in amazing ways.  Sometimes it is in the normal things around us.  But other times He shows Himself in extraordinary ways. They are so extraordinary that we try to explain them away.  God doesn’t still use visions, does He?  Oh yes, but ONLY to bring glory to Himself and draw us to Him.


 Take a minute today to point out to your little Susie a glimpse of God you have had today.  “What? How?  I haven’t seen God, Carl.”  Well, are you looking?  You have to be looking to see Him.  But, if you are His child, He wants to show you more and more about Him every day.

Your child may point out something to you today that you recognize as a “God sighting.”  It’s something that can only be explained as coming from God.  Make sure your child knows how you know this.  Take the time to explain it.  They won’t forget it.

If you aren’t seeing God around you, open your eyes.  He is there.  God is not in the habit of hiding from us.  He WANTS us to see Him.  He WANTS us to know Him.  Just look. He may just show you something extraordinary today.

You are truly amazing to see, Lord.  I never get used to seeing Your handiwork. Whether it is the colors of a rainbow or the birth of child, You are an amazing Creator.


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