Zephaniah 1:2 “‘I will completely remove all things from the face of the earth,’ declares the Lord.”


 Zephaniah had a terrible message to deliver to the people.  Judgment was upon them.  God was going to bring judgment upon the nation due to their lack of faith and disobedience.  Verse 2 is pretty harsh.  You would think if we heard such a message we would repent.  But probably not.

You see, we are no different than the Israelites of generations ago.  We say we believe, yet we live as if the world revolves around us.  We disregard God’s deliberate instructions to live holy, sanctified lives for the sake of His name.  We who are believers in Christ know the truth, but there are many who are walking in darkness and think they are in light.


 We don’t teach this to our children to scare them into obedience.  That is not the way to get them to follow the Lord. We teach them that God is holy and just. We teach them that God cannot look upon sin and ignore it.  We teach them the only way to appease a holy God is to surrender to Christ and allow His shed blood to pay the price.

Then, and only then, when little Johnny or little Susie have given their lives to Christ, can they rest in the knowledge of the coming judgment on mankind. This may sound like a hard message today, but it is needed.  Don’t water down the Gospel.  Don’t make God into some kind of loving grandpa figure.  He loves, yes, but He also demands holy living.

Are you living a holy life before your children or grandchildren?  Are they drawn to Christ because of you?  We must live as a reflection of Christ.  Our purpose as believers is to be used as a vessel of Jesus to our families and a lost world.  Will you reflect today?

Let me shine, Father, as a beacon of hope to those who need Jesus. Let them ONLY see Jesus in me.  I want to be used of You to draw them to true peace.


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