Micah 2:1 “Woe to those who scheme iniquity, who work out evil on their beds! When morning comes, they do it, for it is in the power of their hands.”


 God hates evil!  Always has!  Always will! The world either doesn’t believe that or doesn’t care.  Just as in the days of Micah, those who are led by evil dream about doing evil and scheme about iniquity, even while they sleep.  They wake and do it.

We see it all around us today.  With the instant access of news around the globe we hear about atrocities being committed in every country.  Some are so heinous I would not even mention them here. I don’t have to.  You have seen them.  The world has changed in so many ways, but not in regard to evil.  It is still…well…evil!


Why am I using this verse today?  Because I want to remind you that no matter how evil the world becomes, God is still on His throne.  No evil escapes His eye.  Your child may feel like God does not see the bad things they are going through.  Oh yes, He does.  He is well aware.  Then why? That’s a whole other discussion.

When your children question the presence of evil, take them to this verse.  Show them it has always been around.  And God has always and will always judge it.  That’s why it is so important for them to choose to do what is righteous and holy so as to not fall under the wrath of God.  And with Jesus as their Savior, they are assured just that – no wrath, only grace.

Do I dare even ask which you have chosen? Evil or Righteousness?  “Carl, I can’t believe you just asked that!”  Hey, we are all prone towards evil because of our sin nature.  Only with the grace of God working in and through us are we able to resist the clutches of the evil one.  Will you choose holy today or evil?

Righteous Judge, I know You have the right and the might to judge all that is evil in this world. You only allow evil to remain to allow us to freely choose You over it.  Help me today to choose to serve only You.


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