Hosea 12:6 “Therefore, return to your God, observe kindness and justice, and wait for your God continually.”


Don’t you hate to wait?  Come on, be honest.  Whether it’s traffic, a restaurant or an event, waiting can be so boring and frustrating.  My biggest pet peeve of waiting is restaurants.  I truly dislike sitting and waiting for a meal.  I don’t care how good the food is, I had rather go somewhere else less crowded.

But waiting is an opportunity to rest and relax.  Look what Hosea says in this verse today.  He said to “wait for your God continually.”  Oh yeah, and while you are doing that “observe kindness and justice.” That is usually something that is absent when I am waiting.  I (yes me, Carl) can be unkind when I have to wait.  This verse is for me today.


 How are your little Johnny or Susie about waiting?  I bet they have the hardest time waiting for Christmas or a birthday.  Most kids are that way.  But what an opportunity to teach them this lesson!  Waiting is for a purpose.  Otherwise, God would instantly give us everything the second we ask for it. God’s timetable is perfect.

The next time your child is complaining about waiting for something, tell them to start noticing “God moments” during that waiting period.  Ask them to think about some reasons God would want them to wait. What is God trying to teach them as they wait?

And I am sure you are always patient, right?  Lol.  We are all guilty of getting impatient.  But I want to encourage you today to stop and reflect on today’s verse.  Ask yourself how kind and just you are being right now.

Father, You are always right on time.  I know that.  Help me to wait with kindness and justice and to wait on You continually.


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