Ezekiel 10:18 “Then the glory of the Lord departed from the threshold of the temple and stood over the cherubim.”


What a sad day!  The glory of the Lord departed from the temple.  Ezekiel was the only one who saw this in his vision. The others never saw it leave. That is just like today!  So many churches are carrying on without realizing God’s presence is missing.

I had a conversation with someone recently who was describing their church.  Everyone was so busy “doing” that no one was “being.”  What do I mean by that?  “Being” means you are in fellowship with the Lord.  It means you are focused on dwelling with Him.  “Doing” is just that – doing.  People can “do” church without God being a part of it.


Oh, how important it is for our children to understand this now.  There are so many programs in the churches that are excellent.  There is nothing wrong with programs except for the fact that they work, sometimes too well.  Our children can get so busy with AWANA, Children’s or Youth Choir, Sunday School (or whatever you call it) and even Bible studies.

Don’t be so focused on getting your children plugged into church that you forget to plug them into the power source – Jesus.  We don’t want them to be like the Israelites who never saw the Glory depart.  We want them bathed in His Glory every day.  Right?

Are you aware of His Glory today?  Or have you become so busy that you missed it? Listen – God wants you to experience His glory today.  He wants you to be flooded with His Glory.  He wants His Glory to spill out of you onto others.  Will you do that today?

O Glorious Father, fill me afresh today with Your Glory.  Let it pour out of me like floods of fresh water onto a dry people who need a drink of You.  Keep my eyes on Your Glory, not mine.


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