Jeremiah 28:15 “Then Jeremiah the prophet said to Hananiah the prophet, ‘Listen now, Hananiah, the Lord has not sent you, and you have made this people trust in a lie.’”


 Do you ever get confused about who is telling the truth?  In the world of politics, it is sometimes hard to know who is really truthful and who is just full of lies.  They are saying exact opposite things, so you know both can’t be true.  How do you know?

The same is true regarding spiritual matters.  In Jeremiah’s day there were many false prophets.  They would declare the name of the Lord and then make promises. Jeremiah, in this verse, directly confronts Hananiah about his false prophecy.  How did he know Hananiah was wrong?  Because God had spoken to Jeremiah.  He knew the truth.  He wasn’t afraid of a little confrontation, no matter what happened.


 What a bold lesson to teach our children.  They have to learn to stand up for the truth.  They will be faced with many lies in their life.  How will they know what is true and what is not? Simple.  We ground them in His Word, and then they will know.  The Word is nothing but the truth.  Compare everything to it.

Children must have something to believe in.  They need to know there are some things that are unshakeable.  They need to feel secure.  That’s your job, mom and dad.  You are the one to point them to the bedrock of their life – Jesus.  He is the ONLY unmovable force they need.  With Him they can face any of the lies that will be thrown at them.

What lies are you believing today?  Satan loves to throw partial truths at us to get us to believe.  It sounds so good.  It strokes our egos.  But anything Satan says is a lie.  That you can bank on.  Trust the truth giver. Trust the One who gave us the pure truth.

You are the only true God, Lord.  I know that.  Help me believe that more.  Help me see Your truth.  And help me to spread Your truth every day.


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