Jeremiah 8:7 “‘Even the stork in the sky knows her seasons; and the turtledove and the swift and the thrush observe the time of their migration; but My people do not know the ordinance of the Lord.’”


 Don’t you love this verse?  The Lord is telling us through Jeremiah that even the birds are better informed of their purpose than we are.  They know when to lay their eggs and when to fly south for the winter or north for the spring.  But we humans have the very Word of God and do not obey.

Why is it so many of us struggle trying to “find God’s Will” when it is right in front of us?  God’s Word is the guide to finding His Will.  God isn’t playing hide and seek with you.  He isn’t trying to frustrate you.  But you have to give up your own will to find His.  It’s that simple.  And when you do, you will know His ordinances.


Your children will struggle with this truth.  They will try to find themselves.  They will search for their “soulmate.”  They will try to discover their true passion.  Our job is to point them to the Word which will give them the knowledge they need to do all of those things.  Only His wisdom can lead them.

When little Elrod says, “Dad, Mom, I just don’t know what my purpose is,” tell him to go to the Word.  Your little Susie may ask you, “How do I know who I should marry?”  Again, point her to the Word.  Now, will God tell them exactly in the way they are looking? Nope.  They will have to trust Him to reveal in their hearts the direction to go. But He will do that.

Do you have a bird brain?  Now, according to today’s verse, that is a good thing.  Are you following God in your everyday decisions?  Are you allowing His ordinances to guide you?  If you aren’t, start today.  Let Him show you how to please Him.

Father, You have given me the perfect “manual” for life.  Teach me Your truths each day.  Allow me to see the world through Your eyes.


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