Isaiah 14:12 “‘How you have fallen from heaven, O star of the morning, son of the dawn! You have been cut down to the earth, You who have weakened the nations!’”


 Consider today’s devotion a history lesson.  Don’t stop reading.  Lol. You need to understand this verse. Some commentators say the phrase “O star of the morning” is referring to Lucifer, which causes problems later on when Christ is referred to as the Bright Morning Star.  Let me quote Clarke’s commentary on this verse.  “O how necessary it is to understand the literal meaning of Scripture, that preposterous comments may be prevented!” That is so true.

The context of this verse is about Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon.  He saw himself as a god.  He, in fact, suffered seven years because of that. Sure, you could see how people might reference this verse to the devil, but you must stay true to Scripture and the context it is written.  That applies to any verse you are quoting.


I bet you are thinking, how is Carl going to make application to my children in this verse.  I am not! Surprise!  But I am going to remind you to teach your children the Word in context.  Don’t take verses to fit YOUR context.  God’s Word is rich enough to apply to any circumstance, but you must learn to apply it correctly.

If there was ever a lesson to teach your children, this is it.  When they learn to search and apply God’s Word to their everyday lives, they will find the true source of wisdom and knowledge.  They won’t hunt and peck.  They will dig and study.  They will seek earnestly to know the truth.  That’s the lesson for today.

How about you?  Are you truly applying God’s Word to your life?  Do you pull verses out of context just to meet your needs?  Take the time to do the digging.  Look at why and where the verse was written.  See how Isaiah meant today’s verse to apply to us.  It does.  It always will.

Deliverer of all good things, thank You for giving us Your Word.  Thank You for teaching me its truths.  I want to know more.  Help me share what I learn with others. 


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