Proverbs 30:2 “Surely I am more stupid than any man, and I do not have the understanding of a man.”


 Okay, before you write me to complain about me using the word “stupid,” I am just quoting the Bible.  This verse in Proverbs is so true.  I am so stupid.  I do not have the understanding of man.  Because without the wisdom of God in my life, every decision I make is really stupid. Unless I am following His will I am just taking chance after chance after chance.

We were all probably taught not to use that word, right?  Have you ever heard, “There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers”?  Well, let me tell you, there are some stupid questions.  Questions that doubt God’s presence are just stupid.  Questions that lead others away from the truth of God’s Word are just stupid.  There I said it.  You can write me now.  Lol.


 What I don’t like to hear though, is our children calling themselves stupid because of trying to learn.  Satan loves to tear down anyone who is striving to please the Lord.  He will whisper in our ears, “You are worthless. Give up.  You are dumb.”  Those words are stupid.  Oops, I said it again.

When your little Susie calls herself stupid, ask her why she thinks that. Then direct her to God’s Word. Let it teach her the wisdom she needs. Let it teach her how valuable God considers her.  Let it teach her – period.  Because without it in her life she will lack the wisdom she needs to NOT make stupid decisions.

The only thing that keeps me on the right decision-making path is His Word. Through all these years of walking with Him, I have learned to trust His sovereignty.  I have learned to let Him guide me.  That makes me a whole lot less stupid.

Thank You, Lord, for giving me the wisdom to trust You.  When the devil whispers lies to me, remind me how wise I am to follow You.  Help me point others to the true source of the “stupid eraser.”


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