Proverbs 7:4 “Say to wisdom, ‘You are my sister,’ and call insight your intimate friend,”


 When Solomon used these two analogies I took a step back to ponder.  I understand calling insight my intimate friend.  An intimate friend is one you can rely on. You know them deeply and they know you. You can call on them anytime for help. That’s insight.

But calling wisdom my sister?  What does that mean?  I have two sisters.  I love them both.  A brother defends his sister.  He stands up for her.  He wants no harm to come to her.  That’s how we should treat wisdom.  We should protect it and do nothing to hurt it.  We should love wisdom.


 If you are blessed with boys and girls, you know the love/hate relationship that exists between brothers and sisters.  One minute they are hugging or playing well together.  The next they are ready to kill each other.  Our job as parents is to teach them how to treat each other because they will always be family.

Read this verse to them and ask them to tell you what they think it means.  Do you think your little Johnny is going to equate wisdom with his sister Susie?  Probably not.  Do you think Susie is going to consider Johnny her intimate friend?  My guess is no.  But because God uses these pictures in His Word, we know it is possible.

Who is your intimate friend?  I hope it is insight.  Who is your sister?  I pray it is wisdom.  We all need that in our lives.  If you are lacking wisdom and insight right now about something, turn to the One who can give it to you.

Thank You, Lord, for giving me wisdom and insight. Let me see these as my sister and intimate friend.  Let me hold them close and turn to them daily.



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