Nehemiah 7:64-65 “64 These searched among their ancestral registration, but it could not be located; therefore, they were considered unclean and excluded from the priesthood. 65 The governor said to them that they should not eat from the most holy things until a priest arose with Urim and Thummim.”


If you read these verses without knowing the reason you would think Nehemiah was being prejudiced or discriminatory.  In today’s society he would probably be sued by these individuals, and they would win a million dollars.  That’s now and not then.

God had delegated one tribe to serve as priests – the Levites.  It was imperative that only these serve in that capacity, and that they serve exactly how God prescribed.  Until these people could prove their lineage they could not be allowed to serve in the Temple.  The reason Israel and Judah had been sent into exile in the first place was their disobedience to God’s order.  Nehemiah wasn’t going to repeat that.


Our children must learn that there are certain guidelines which God sets, and they must follow, if they want to be obedient to Him.  Today everything is gray.  There is no black and white.  The “line in the sand” keeps getting moved.  The world will tell them “right” is relative.  No!  It’s not.

As we parent our children they are going to feel we are being unfair when we enforce our rules and God’s Word.  That’s okay. Structure and order is important. Disorder is not of the Lord.  Now, the Lord isn’t OCD, but He does have lines drawn to keep us safe.  Listen to Him.

Are you standing on the edge of the line right now pushing the limits?  Are you seeing just how far you can go without falling? Back up.  Take another look at the order of God’s Word and thank Him for it. All His commands are for your protection.

O Heavenly Father, I know sometimes I complain about having to follow Your rules.  But I want to thank You today for keeping me in line.  Thank You for giving us all order in our lives.


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