Ezra 8:22 “For I was ashamed to request from the king troops and horsemen to protect us from the enemy on the way, because we had said to the king, ‘The hand of our God is favorably disposed to all those who seek Him, but His power and His anger are against all those who forsake Him.’”


 Ezra gathered all those returning to Jerusalem to pray and fast and to ask for safety as they traveled. Why?  As the verse says he had refused to ask for an armed escort from the king.  Ezra believed if you say you believe something, you should act like it.

He, obviously, could have asked for and received that escort.  But Ezra was not only acting on his faith.  He was leading the others to act upon theirs.  Never forget that others are watching you live out your faith.  They are watching to see if you truly believe the Bible you claim to believe.


Oh, how true this is for your kids. Their faith is built when they are young by watching you.  When you pray for the Lord to intervene in a situation, live like it.  When you believe God for something, talk like you believe it.  If you pray and then go on and do the opposite or continue to worry and fret, that teaches the wrong lesson.

As our children grow we have the opportunity to watch them trust God.  They will undoubtedly come back to you for advice.  Take them to the Word.  It is the only source for the truth.  Help them believe.  Yes, that is what I said.  Help them trust.  Pray with them that God will give them those “trust moments” when only He can do what they have asked.

Of course, it is paramount that we ask according to His will.  Have you prayed that way?  Or are you praying for your list of desires without any thought of how this glorifies Him? Surrender your will for His and watch Him show up and do incredible things in and through you.

Lord, You are the One I trust with my life.  You are the Only One who can lead me in the dark valleys.  Help me trust You more fully each day.


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