2 Kings 6:16 “So he answered, ‘Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.’” 


When the king of Aram learned it was Elisha who was disclosing all his plans against Israel, he sent his army to capture him.  I just love Elisha’s servant’s response.  He was alarmed and scared when he woke the next morning to see them surrounded.  But when he tells Elisha, Elisha just keeps on eating his eggs and bacon and drinking his coffee (just kidding about the bacon).

What does Elisha say to his servant?  “God’s got this!”  Then he prayed for the Lord to open his servant’s eyes so he could also see the army of God that was protecting them.  God still has that army.  None of them have retired.  None of them have refused to serve.


When your children are scared at night of the “boogie man” read them this story. Reassure them that the same God who protected Elisha protects them.  In fact, as believers we have it better than Elisha because we have the very presence of God living within us through the Holy Spirit.  Wow!

Now, we should never pick a fight with the devil or those who desire to do us harm. But we can be reassured that the Lord is with us.  God will always defend His children.  Our children can best learn to trust that as we show them we trust that.  We can’t be wringing our hands and pacing the floor. We have to “open their eyes” to see God’s chariots.

Are you blinded today?  Can you not see the army of heaven defending you?  Do you not believe He is more powerful than any other power on earth or heaven?  He is. Stay in His will and watch Him work. It is pretty amazing.

Father in heaven, open my eyes today to see Your army surrounding me.  Open my eyes of faith.  Help me show others how powerful You are.


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