2 Kings 20:11 “Isaiah the prophet cried to the Lord, and He brought the shadow on the stairway back ten steps by which it had gone down on the stairway of Ahaz.”


 I don’t know about you, but I hate time change.  In the U.S. we have Standard time and Daylight Savings time.  We “fall back” an hour in the Fall and we “spring forward” an hour in the Spring.  I would prefer if we just left it alone.  But that’s just my opinion.

Hezekiah wanted a sign he would be healed so he was given a choice.  The sun’s shadow would be moved forward or backwards on the steps based on his wish.  He chose to get 10 minutes back, so it went backwards.  10 extra minutes in time – forever.


Our children have to learn the concept of time.  When they are young they don’t have to worry about it a lot.  Everything they do and everywhere they go is determined by parents.  But sooner or later they have to learn about time.  Being on time is a courtesy and a great trait.  As parents we teach them this.

But the more important concept of time is eternity.  Little Gertrude, Elrod, Johnny or Susie must be taught about eternity. We will all spend eternity somewhere. God’s eternal clock is ticking. Christ is one day closer to His return each day.  Mom and Dad, make sure your child understands the finality of eternity.  Time matters.  Spend it wisely on your children.

Are you “wasting time”?  Are you so busy with frivolous things that you forget how precious little time you have in the eyes of eternity?  Make every day count.  Make every hour count.  God may prolong your days, as He did Hezekiah.  Or He could call you home today.  Be ready.  Be ON TIME!

God, You are the maker of time.  I know you see all of eternity at once, and You know my end day.  Give me the ability to see each day as You see it – precious and important.


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