1 Kings 5:7 “When Hiram heard the words of Solomon, he rejoiced greatly and said, ‘Blessed be the Lord today, who has given to David a wise son over this great people.’”


 Look closely at this verse and then read verse 8.  It says, “So Hiram sent word to Solomon, saying,…”  What Hiram said in verse 7 was not a part of the message he sent to King Solomon in verse 8 and following.  So how did those words of Hiram get in the Scripture?

I believe it is pretty obvious. Apart from the fact that this is God’s Word and it was His intention that it be included, the messenger who was waiting Hiram’s response to take back to Solomon heard Hiram say this and thought it worthy to be recorded.  God had even stirred the heart of a pagan king to recognize Solomon’s wisdom as coming from above.


Children overhear conversations, either deliberately or accidentally.  It is so important that we teach them to keep such conversations to themselves unless those words are giving glory to God or going to put someone in danger.  Those words should be shared.  I have to believe that the messenger asked to share those words with Solomon.  We all want to share good news.

But we have to train our children to keep in confidence other things they hear.  Share the good news.  Keep silent on other things.  In that way they are able to become trustworthy and dependable.  Oh, but it is so hard, isn’t it?  We all love to gossip and talk.  Mom and Dad, you are going to have to model this for your children.

Are you a trustworthy source? Can others trust that you will hold things in confidence?  Hold your tongue.  Build that trust.  Build that reputation as a confidant to others.

Father, You are the giver of good news.  Help me spread it quickly to as many as possible. But let me hold in confidence those things told to me by others.  Help me be trustworthy.


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