1 Samuel 9:11 “As they went up the slope to the city, they found young women going out to draw water and said to them, ‘Is the seer here?’” 


Saul was looking for Samuel to find out where his father’s donkeys were.  They had been looking for them without any luck and thought “the seer” could help them.  Why waste the time of a prophet of God looking for donkeys?  They had no idea what lied ahead.  Saul had NO idea he would be anointed as Israel’s first king.

Sometimes when we go to God with a request He has a completely different answer for us than we expected.  Sometimes He probably (notice I said probably) thinks, “What a dumb request.”  Now I am sure He doesn’t really think that.  But looking back at how He answers makes us realize we had really asked for the wrong thing.


You have heard the expression, “There is no such thing as a stupid question, just a stupid answer.”  Well…sometimes questions are a little less than smart.  But when our children ask us something we should do our best to answer them with truthfulness.  Sometimes their questions make us stop and think.  Other times the answers are easy.

We do need to do our best, though, to answer their questions.  This teaches them to keep asking questions.  They won’t learn how to do life without asking those questions.  God wants them to ask.  He wants to answer.  That is the key.  They need to keep asking God for direction and the answers to those challenging life questions.

What are you asking God right now?  Has He EVER refused to answer?  You may not like the answer, but I guarantee He hasn’t refused to answer.  Just listen.  He will respond, sooner or later.

God, I know you are listening.  I know You are ready to answer. Prepare my heart to hear what You say and not what I want You to say.


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