Psalm 75:4-5 “‘4 I said to the boastful, “Do not boast,” and to the wicked, “Do not lift up the horn; 5 Do not lift up your horn on high, Do not speak with insolent pride.”’”


 This is my prayer most days.  “Lord, help me to not be arrogant or boastful this day.”  Honestly, I don’t try to be arrogant.  It just comes naturally.  I can get big-headed and proud.  But I know these words from the Psalms are true.  God is talking to me here.

There seems to be two extremes in the world today.  People are prideful, or they have no pride at all.  No in between, no middle ground.  But look at our Savior. He exuded pride without being prideful.  He showed humility without being slothful.  He commands us to be like Him, so it is possible.  But, of course, it starts with dying to ourselves daily.


 As parents, we are to teach our kids to be proud of who they are.  We want them to stand up for themselves and carry their name with respect.  But we don’t want cocky kids who look with disdain on those they think they are better than.  No one wants kids like that.  God gives us pretty clear instructions here.  Look at it again.

The “horn” was a symbol of power, strength and glory.  God is telling us to not use our position to put down someone else.  If God has blessed us with the “horn” it is to be used to lead, not destroy.  Our children should learn that early.  If they are the champions in a sport, act like a champion – lead by example.

Are you “lifting your horn” over someone?  We can do it so easily.  We do it at work, in the home and even in church.  Examine your life and make sure you are not using your opportunities to lead as a chance to “raise your horn” over someone.

Father God, Your horn is the only horn that matters.  I bow in obedience to your strength, glory and power.  Remind me daily to lead as You lead.


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