Psalm 65:2 “O You who hear prayer, to You all men come.”


 In order for us to believe that God answers prayer, we must first believe He hears us.  The Psalmist says so right here.  In fact, he addresses God as “You who hear prayer” as if that was His title.  The writer does not question it.  To him, it is just a fact.

How do we come to that?  By seeing God answer prayers.  How many prayers have you seen God answer?  For me, it’s been countless.  Some big and some small. Small quickly and some I’m still waiting on.  But they have all been answered in one of three ways – yes, no or not now.


Teaching our children the importance of prayer is critical to their spiritual growth.  But teaching them to recognize when God answers is even more important.  They can’t just look for the answer they want.  We don’t pray and then only accept our desire.  Nope, we have to be pray in His will.

This verse above also says, “to You all men come.”  In one way or the other, at one time or the other, they will.  Our children will all come to God at some point.  Our prayer, of course, is that they will come to Him surrendered at an early age and not face Him in judgment.  God will hear that cry of confession if it is prayed sincerely and honestly and with brokenness.  He eagerly awaits your child to become His child.

How about you?  Are you believing God for something right now?  What are you praying about?  What are you waiting to hear?  Is it His Will or yours you want to see done?

You are the answerer of prayers, O God.  I know You hear and stand ready to respond when I pray in Your Will and not my own.  Thank You, in advance, for answered prayers.


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