Deuteronomy 19:21 “‘Thus you shall not show pity: life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.’”


 So, this is where that saying “an eye for an eye” comes from.  Have you ever wondered that?  I have read this before, but never really stopped to realize just how harsh this was.  God was insistent on keeping evil and disobedience out of His people.  He was not going to tolerate outright evil.

But isn’t it amazing how different grace is?  When Christ came He told us to turn the other cheek, to go the second mile.  What?  Isn’t He the same God who spoke these words in Deuteronomy?  Yep!  But He knew from the beginning that law would not save us.  We needed grace.  We needed a Savior.


Children have a natural tendency to want to “get them back” if they have been hurt by someone.  Has your child ever said that?  Maybe your little Elrod or Gertrude came home from school fuming.  They started spouting off about so and so in their class who had embarrassed them.  Then they start making plans for payback.  Nip that in the bud.

Take them to this passage and then explain how Christ came to fulfill all the laws of the Old Testament.  Explain how He died for that boy or girl who just hurt their feelings.  Explain how we, as believers, are to do everything in our power (through the Holy Spirit) to win them to Christ, not pay them back.  That’s the world’s way.

I bet you have never gotten revenge on someone, have you?  Right!  We are probably all guilty of that to some degree.  We may not have taken “an eye for an eye,” but we get back at others.  Repent.  Confess that as sin.  Remember, Christ died for each and every one we encounter in our life’s journey – even the mean ones.

Giver of Grace, remind me daily of the forgiveness I have received from You.  Help me forgive others in the same way.  Help me love them as You love them.


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