Numbers 10:35-36 “35 Then it came about when the ark set out that Moses said, ‘Rise up, O Lord! And let Your enemies be scattered, and let those who hate You flee before You.’ 36 When it came to rest, he said, ‘Return, O Lord, to the myriad thousands of Israel.’”


 Every time the cloud or pillar of fire moved, Moses would say these words.  Every time!  Now they didn’t move every day, but I just wonder how many times Moses said this.  Remember, Moses wasn’t just talking to a cloud.  He was talking to Jehovah God, the same God who spoke to him above the mercy seat in the Holy of Holies.

Can you picture the scene?  If you were a pagan living in the land and saw this happen, what you have thought?  I would think I would have wanted to know more about these people and their God.  How about today?  Do people observe you and say the same thing?  Or do you look any different?


 I am thankful my two children and all four of my grandchildren are different.  They are all unique individuals.  But what I desire most for them is that they walk differently than the world.  I want others to see Jesus in them.  I pray they see that in me.

It is so easy for our children to blend in with the world.  We need to look different.  We need to act different. We need to sound different.  We don’t have a cloud or a pillar of fire leading us around, but as believers we do have the Holy Spirit leading us.  He is the same Spirit that led the Israelites.  He is just as powerful.  Our children need to understand that.

Are you living and behaving in such a way that others around you  ask you about it?  Do they wonder what is different about you?  They should.  They should see that you are very different.  Tell them why.

Lord, You make us different because of Your Spirit that lives within us.  Peel back my flesh and let it shine through.  Help me to tell others today about You and all You have done for me.


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