Numbers 4:20 “‘but they shall not go in to see the holy objects even for a moment, or they will die.’”


I bet most people have heard their momma say, “Don’t run with that stick, or you’ll put your eye out.”  Or you remember the famous line from “The Christmas Story” from Ralphie’s mom, “You’ll shoot your eye out.”  We can laugh at those examples, but this verse today was no laughing matter.

When the Lord gave Moses the directions for the Kohathites to pack up and carry the tabernacle, He was specific about who did what and who saw what.  This stern warning was to protect them from the extreme holiness of the objects.  Don’t you wish your life was that holy?  I mean, don’t you wish people could just see the holiness of God glowing on you?


 The trouble with our world today is nothing is seen as holy.  I know that the church building is just a building, but there seems to be no respect for it anymore.  I remember a room in my home church that was set aside for prayer.  When you entered that room it seemed you could just feel God’s presence.  It almost demanded a reverence and awe.  We need to teach our kids that same respect for God’s stuff.

What do I mean by that?  Let me name a few:  1) Taking care of the equipment in the church 2) No writing on the walls 3) If you spill something, clean it up.  Now don’t think I am getting legalistic.  Just teach your children that God’s House needs to be cared for and protected.  After all, it is His House.

What can you do to show your respect for God’s House?  Is there a project you could get your kids involved in to help clean or repair something?  More importantly, is your bodily temple of God resembling Him or the world?  Are others drawn to you or repelled by you?  Let them see His holiness shining through.

Lord of Hosts, I know Your holiness is blinding.  I know Your presence is beyond description.  But Lord, let others see You in me.  Let them see Your holiness.


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