Leviticus 24:23b “Thus the sons of Israel did, just as the Lord had commanded Moses.”


 Man, this was a hard command to follow.  A man was overheard blaspheming God’s name and cursing (even back then this was going on).  God had given the command earlier in the ten commandments about this.  Command number 3 addresses it.  Look it up!

The punishment?  Death!  Wow!  Pretty harsh.  How many of us would have survived this?  Probably not many.  But God was firm!  An example had to be set. He was serious!  And so “the sons of Israel did, just as the Lord had commanded Moses.”


Now, don’t think I am saying we should stone someone who curses.  Jesus fulfilled the Law, so the Lord doesn’t expect us to do that.  But, taking the Lord’s name in vain is still not permissible.  This is one of those things we should correct IMMEDIATELY with our children.  Read them this story – not to scare them – but to show them the seriousness of the offense.

God’s name is precious, holy and to be revered.  When we call His name it should be in prayer or worship, not in anger or rage.  Our children should cherish the name of Jesus and God.  They learn that from us, their parents.  If you hold His name dear, they will learn also.

Are you doing that?  Do you hold His name dear?  When you call His name, do you do it with love and respect?  That is the only way to address Him.  Call His name.  He is listening.

Your name, O Lord, is precious to me.  I hold it dear.  I call it Holy.  Help me teach my children to love it, too.


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