Leviticus 11:45 “‘For I am the Lord who brought you up from the land of Egypt to be your God; thus you shall be holy, for I am holy.’”


Can you believe that?  God told us to be holy!  Doesn’t He know that isn’t possible? There is no way I can be holy.  I have too much flesh in me to be holy.  Surely, He doesn’t expect me to be holy!

Oh, but He does.  How?  Because He sent us the means by which we can be.  You see, back in Leviticus the law proved to them they could not be.  All the sacrifices and all the rules couldn’t make them holy.  So, God sent His only Son to be our holiness!  We are holy because He is holy.


Teaching holiness to children is tricky.  We don’t want to teach them that it means something so high and mighty that they feel they cannot achieve it.  “Holy” essentially means something that is set apart for a special purpose.  Now that we can teach.

Do they have a special possession that they take extra care of?  They may have a toy they bring out only rarely.  It could be a special dress or shirt they only wear on special occasions.  Point out to them that, as believers, God sees us as special all the time.  He has a special purpose for us – each of us.  Everything we do and say is preparation to be used by Him.  Our lifestyle of surrender to Him helps us live holy lives.  There really is no other way than surrender to Him.

Are you surrendered today?  Are there things in your life that distract you from holy living?  You know what they are.  It could be a hobby or a habit.  Whatever it is, surrender it today to the One who can handle it.  He is holy.  You be holy, too.

Holy God, there is no way I can be holy of myself.  My holiness comes from You.  Pour out Your holiness on me through the power of Your Holy Spirit in my life.


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