Leviticus 2:3 “The remainder of the grain offering belongs to Aaron and his sons: a thing most holy, of the offerings to the Lord by fire.”


Verses 3 and 10 in Leviticus 2 are identical.  God repeats the same instructions regarding the grain sacrifices.  But these instructions in these verses aren’t about Him.  They are about Aaron and his sons.  The Lord was insistent that the people take care of them.  These men and their families were set aside by the Lord to be the spiritual leaders.  Therefore, God had special provisions for them.

I have been in ministry a long time.  I am so fortunate that almost everywhere I have served took care very good care of its employees.  The churches and other ministries knew the importance of “not muzzling the ox” or providing for those who served.  That’s not the case in some places.


“Okay Carl, how are you going to apply this to my children?”  I am glad you asked.  Lol.  Our children listen to everything you say, especially when they are small.  How you talk about your Pastor(s) will stick with them.  Do not criticize or talk badly about the Lord’s servants in front of them.

Hopefully, when they grow up they will be a leader in the church they attend.  Who knows, they may even be called into the ministry themselves.  Respect for God’s servants is important.  Taking care of them is important.  May your children learn that from you.

Are you doing that?  Have you thanked your Pastor(s) lately for their sacrifice to serve you and the Lord?  Have you advocated for them to be well compensated, so they don’t have to be concerned how they are taking care of their family?  Now, listen to me.  This is NOT about the Pastors.  This is about you obeying our verse today.  Bless the Lord by blessing them.

Father, I am thankful for those who serve You and me.  Show me ways in which I can be a blessing to them.  Help me teach my children how to do the same.


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