Revelation 5:12 “‘Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing.’”


Do you remember this scene in heaven?  If not, go back and read the whole chapter.  John is crying because no one is there to open and read from the book.  But the Lion of Judah steps forward.  The slain Lamb of God takes the book, and all begin to worship Him.  They ALL recognize Him as the ONLY one worthy to take and read from that book.

Our world today does not have that awe and fear of God anymore.  Most people laugh at the idea of a Holy God.  Most people today do not recognize His worthiness.  They scoff at God and mock His name.  But that does not change the fact that one day all will bow before Him.


This passage today would be a great passage to act out with your kids.  Read it to them and then gather some costumes and make a set.  When kids can visual something it becomes more real to them.  Heaven is too abstract for most people to comprehend.  Putting something in front of them to represent it can help them to conceptualize what is going on in the Word.

I particularly like imagery of Jesus being called the Lion of Judah and then the Lamb steps forth.  That’s a pretty big contrast – a lion and a lamb.  Take some time to explain the strength of the lion and the gentleness of the lamb.  Lions are imposing creatures.  Lambs are not.  Lions are protectors of their tribe.  Lambs are the sacrifice.

Aren’t you glad Jesus is both?  Aren’t you glad Jesus stands firm and advocates on your behalf?  And aren’t you glad Jesus sacrificed Himself on God’s altar for you?  Only He is worthy, because of who He is, to take that holy book and open it in heaven.  No one, not even the highest archangel, has the right.  Only One – Jesus!

Father, thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus, to be the Lion and the Lamb.  Thank You He has the power and the meekness required to fulfill Your demands.  I am forever grateful.


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