James 1:19: “This you know, my beloved brethren. But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger;” 


There are so many great verses in James 1.  I really struggled which one to choose today.  The Lord was speaking through all of them.  But verse 19 is such a great verse for us and for our children.  It just kind of leapt off the page at me.

How many times have you engaged your mouth before you had all the facts?  If you are like me, you start formulating your response to someone before they even finish speaking.  The word “slow” in this verse means to be deliberate or to be unhurried while still moving forward after considering all the facts.  Whoa!  Is that what you do?  That’s not me most of the time.


If there is one important skill for our children to learn, it is listening.  Remind them that’s why God gave them two ears and one mouth.  Listening well is a learned art.  It does not come naturally.  We must teach them to stop talking and listen.  You can hear while you talk, but it so much easier to REALLY hear what is being said if you are quiet and listen.

Do your children accuse you of not listening to them?  I believe every parent who has ever lived has been accused of that at some time by their child.  The next time you hear that from your child, stop and look at them, take their little cherub cheeks in your hands and say, “I am sorry, honey.  I am listening now.”  That will teach them so much about listening to others.

Our prayer life also involves listening.  We are often so busy talking to God that we are not quiet enough to hear Him speak.  Does God still speak?  You had better believe He does.  Use those ears of your heart.  Listen intently.  Be silent before Him.  He has much to say to you.

Father, thank You for creating me with the ability to hear.  But I am even more thankful that I can hear You without ears.  You have given me the Holy Spirit Who speaks into my heart Your very Words.  Help me listen well today.


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