1 Samuel 29:9 “But Achish replied to David, ‘I know that you are pleasing in my sight, like an angel of God; nevertheless the commanders of the Philistines have said, ‘He must not go up with us to the battle.’” 


David had been hiding from Saul in the land of the Philistines for a while, and now the epic battle was about to go down, the battle where Saul and his sons, including Jonathan, would be killed.  David was prepared, along with his men, to go along and fight.  However, the Philistines did not trust David to fight with them.  They were afraid he would switch sides in the middle of the battle and fight for Israel.  We will never know what would have happened because Achish sent him home.

But think about this.  If David and his men HAD fought against Israel in the battle where Saul and his sons were killed, he would have been seen by Israel as having taking part in that.  That could have marred his reign as king to begin with.  God knew that.  Perhaps God was sparing David from that association.  David didn’t see it at the time, but God was actually fighting for him.


Our children will have experiences that are disappointing.  They may want a certain job or a certain boyfriend or girlfriend.  For some unknown reason, things just don’t go the way they wish.  Could it be that God is sparing them some pain or hurt?  When your child goes through that kind of situation, tell them this story of David’s unseen protection from God.

Hindsight is always 20/20, but isn’t it nice when we can see God’s protecting hands around us.  Trust that He is always looking after your best interest, as long as you are seeking Him.  David was seeking the Lord, even while in the land of the Philistines.  God knew that and was working in ways David could not see.

Will you trust the Lord to work in your life?  When you get that gentle nudge to do something that may seem ridiculous, but you know it will bring Him honor, just do it.  Allow Him to work through you in amazing ways.

Thank you Lord, that I don’t have to see You at work to know You are.  Today, help me to bow before Your sovereign hand.


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