Joshua 3:17 “And the priests who carried the ark of the covenant of the Lord stood firm on dry ground in the middle of the Jordan while all Israel crossed on dry ground, until all the nation had finished crossing the Jordan.”


God performed another miracle for the Hebrew children.  This time He parted the waters of the Jordan.  But instead of sending a strong wind to do it over night, like He did at the Red Sea forty years earlier, He simply had the priests step into the flood level Jordan and the water stopped about 12 miles upstream and the rest flowed on down.

But God didn’t stop there.  He DRIED the ground.  With all the women, children and livestock, walking across a recently emptied river bed would have been messy and slow.  So, what did God do?  He dried the ground so they could cross without getting stuck.  God is a God of details.


One of the things I grab from this story is that God doesn’t just haphazardly work in our lives.  He is deliberate and thoughtful.  He does things right.  He wants everything to be perfect, as He is perfect.  In fact, He demands that we be perfect, too.  Now, He knows we can’t be, but He still expects us to strive toward perfection by allowing the Holy Spirit to direct us.

Can you imagine what those little children thought when they saw the waters flowing on by and the riverbed dry up?  Talk about that with your kids.  They may have been looking for fish or frogs or other “critters” on the riverbed.  Wouldn’t your little Elrod been doing that?  I sure would have.  Visual this story with your children.  Talk about the miracles God continues to do in our lives every day.

Do you believe God is still a God of miracles?  I do.  I have seen Him do miraculous things.  I got to hold a newborn baby recently.  That’s a miracle.  I had the privilege to lead three people to Christ.  That’s a miracle.  I have seen Him heal people who should have died and have also seen Him heal others by allowing them to die.  Those are both miracles.  Don’t ignore God’s handiwork all around you.

Too many of us want to see a “Jordan” parted.  We ask for those kind of miracles or signs.  But God is working all around us.  He works in ways we cannot see.  Open your eyes and ask Him to reveal Himself to you today.  You might just be surprised at what He is doing in your presence.


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