Job 40:2 “Will the faultfinder contend with the Almighty?  Let him who reproves God answer it.”


Have you ever argued with God over something?  I have!  Now, I don’t mean I verbally assaulted Him, but I have argued in my spirit over something I KNOW He has directed me to do.  My flesh is strong, and it desires its own way.  So, when God directs me through His Word or in prayer to do something His way, well, my flesh just wants to rebel.

How fruitless!  How ridiculous!  And here we see the Lord God speaking to Job and telling him the same thing.  “You think you know better, Job?  Okay, let’s see what you can do.”  You really need to read chapters 39-40 in their entirety to see the full conversation.  I can totally relate to my own “talks” with God about what I think is a better way.


How about your children?  Has little Susie ever been determined to show you that she knows best?  Has Elrod ever told you that he doesn’t need your advice anymore?  Our children will do that.  They will insist on trying something their way, when we know that it won’t work or it isn’t the best way.  If it’s not dangerous, let them.  Sometimes failure is the best teacher.

Then when you are helping them pick up the pieces, you can share Job’s story with them.  You can tell them about a righteous man who thought he understood God.  You can read to them how he had NO CLUE about the power and majesty of a holy God.  We don’t either.  We may think we do, but our grandest thoughts come way short of the full picture of Who God really is.

Okay, what are you arguing with God about right now?  Don’t tell me you aren’t.  We all do it.  Do you question His sovereignty?  Do you question His right over your life?  Do you not believe His Word?  What is it that is causing you to get in God’s face?

It’s okay.  God can take it.  He wants us to be honest with Him.  Then He can show us the truth.  Our part is to listen and allow Him to teach.  Will you do that today?


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