Hebrews 9:16 “For where a covenant is, there must of necessity be the death of the one who made it.”


My sweet daddy died a few years ago. He worked hard all his life and accumulated some things to leave behind to his children in his will.  I never knew what my dad had, in regards to insurance or money.  I just knew he loved me, my brother and my two sisters.  All he had he left to us.

The funny thing is though none of his possessions became ours until he died.  He had it all written down in a will, but it didn’t become ours until he died.  That’s the hard thing about wills.  Someone has to die for it to become active.


As your children get older, and consequently you do too, I am sure you will go over your will with them.  You should, if you don’t already, have a written will to provide for them in case something happens to you.  But enough legal advice, lol.

Jesus cut a covenant with us which could only become active when He died on the cross for us.  His death ensured us of our inheritance.  He provided for us eternally through His death and shed blood.  Your children need to know that Jesus died for them and that our inheritance in Him will NEVER expire or be depleted.  It will last for eternity.

Have you claimed that inheritance?  Do you realize how rich you are in Him?  Will you allow Jesus to bless you by being a part of His family?  Only those in His family will receive the blessings of His covenant.  I am thankful that He died for me.  Aren’t you?




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