Hebrews 1:14 “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation?”


I know you have heard people say their angel is watching over them.  I can still see clearly the framed picture my parents had of two small children walking over a scary bridge with an angel watching over them.  I have never forgotten that image, but have never been very sure of its theological truth.

But here we see in Hebrews 1:14 that the angels are indeed sent by God to serve the believers.  Their duty is to follow the Lord’s commands, and we are part of those duties.  The Lord, not only sends the Holy Spirit to indwell us, but He also sends His angels to watch over us.  That’s pretty cool, huh?


I don’t think we need to tell our children that they have a guardian angel.  I am not sure that is technically true.  I don’t believe there is any Scriptural evidence that we each have our own angel.  But we can tell them that the Lord is watching over us, and He will use whatever means necessary to care for us.

Does that mean they will never face hurt?  No!  But even in the midst of tragedy He is there to comfort us with comfort that goes beyond words.  Will He use angels to comfort us?  I am sure He will.  We may never realize it.  We probably will never see an angel this side of eternity, but they are there, and they exist to serve the Lord by serving us as He commands.

Do you need an angel today?  Talk to the Lord.  Tell Him your needs. He may just send one to meet your needs.  He may just send one to comfort you with comfort too special for words.  And when you experience that, don’t be shocked to find that you may have “entertained angels unaware.”  Blessings!


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