Job 9:2 “’In truth I know that this is so; But how can a man be in the right before God.’”


As a child were you ever caught red-handed by your mom or dad? You were doing something you knew you shouldn’t do and got caught. They looked at you and said, “Young man, what do you have to say for yourself?” I hated that question. I wanted to say, “Well, if you hadn’t caught me everything would have been just fine.” But I knew better than to say that. Lol.

Job is being confronted by his friends who are begging him to repent and make things right with God. Job was innocent of doing anything against God, but he was guilty of his own self-righteousness. At this point in the book he hasn’t realized that. But this statement says a lot about his mindset.


How do we teach our children to be proud, but not arrogant? How do we teach them to be righteous, but not self-righteous? How do we teach them to follow the Lord’s commands, but not be legalistic? It is a fine line, isn’t it? Humility is hard to teach. Meekness is better caught than taught.

The only way I know is to try to show them through me. I have to live humble. I have to live righteous. I have to live surrendered to His will and not mine. Even when I KNOW I AM RIGHT!!! That is the worst! I want to be right ALL THE TIME.

I am sure Job’s friends meant well. They sat for days with him before they even said anything. They wanted his suffering to end. They wanted to see him restored to his position before all this happened. But God does not work on our schedule or on the best wishes of our friends. He works in us according to His perfect Will.

Rest in that my friends. And teach your children to rest in it. The hymn says, “Trust and Obey, for there’s no other way.” That pretty much sums it up!


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