II Chronicles 10:13 “The king answered them harshly, and King Rehoboam forsook the counsel of the elders.”


Rehoboam may have been a grown man when he became king, but he wasn’t very wise. He sought the advice of his father Solomon’s advisors and then forsook that advice to follow the advice of younger men. While it is not true that every “older” elder is wise, it is usually true that the older men have learned more and can give better advice that a younger man. Again, I say, that is not always true, but generally it is.

But Rehoboam decided to ignore the advice given him, thus splitting the kingdom into two kingdoms, which lasted until the end of both. What might have happened if he had taken the advice he was given by the elders? We will never know.


Your children will come to a point when they will reject your parental advice. They will follow the lead of their friends or others who are younger than you. This is a heartbreaking time for parents. Is there anything you can do to avoid this? Short answer – no. Better answer – with God’s help you can continue to give input into their lives.

Teach your children how to make decisions by letting them make some when they are young. These normally will be decisions that are simple and non-life threatening. But making these small decisions gives them confidence to make more serious decisions later.

Give them guidance when they are young that they can trust. Own up to your own bad decisions so they can learn from your mistakes. Help them through the bad decisions they make without judging. These are all ways to prepare them for the future.

Solomon was the wisest man on earth, but he failed to teach his own son how to make wise decisions. Don’t repeat that mistake. Learn from Solomon that it does not matter how smart people think you are. Let your children speak for you when you are gone by preparing them to be your legacy.


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