Acts 6:15 “And fixing their gaze on him, all who were sitting in the Council saw his face like the face of an angel.”

I will have to admit – no one has ever said that about me. Haha. Well, maybe my mom did when I was little, but not lately. But haven’t you said that at least once in your lifetime about someone, probably your own little one?


I mean, come on, when that little face turns to you and starts that little cherub face thing, you just melt. You wonder how you could ever love anything any more.

Here is Stephen, whom they are about to stone, and they “all” saw his face like the face of an angel. But that did not matter to them. They didn’t like what he as saying about Jesus, and when he refused to stop preaching about Him they stoned him.

When you hear someone preaching the Word, do you think they have a face of an angel? Do you see the Spirit of God flowing in them? Do you see the face of Jesus as they proclaim the message of deliverance? You should, because those who rely on the Spirit to teach through them are literally the mouth piece of God. They are only sharing what the Lord has given them.


Recently we had our Children’s Musical at our church. As I watched the children singing and speaking I had this same view of them. They truly looked angelic. Now, I know these kids so I know most of them are NOT angelic, but that night in that environment as they proclaimed the Gospel in song, they took on the face of an angel.

Won’t you put on that face today? Won’t you encourage your children to put on that face? Putting on the face requires that we take off our old flesh face and the let the Spirit shine through. After all, the Spirit is so much more lovely to look at.


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