Luke 6:27 “’But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,’”

Luke 6:20-38 is Luke’s version of The Beatitudes. Let me encourage you to read the entire passage. But for simplicity’s sake, I decided to just list verse 27 of this passage. If we can teach our children to love their enemies, well, then they can handle just about anything. Right?

Do you have any enemies? I mean, do you have people in your life who truly hate you? Enemies want to destroy you. They want to see you hurt and bleeding. They would prefer you not exist. Pretty harsh!

I don’t think I have any real enemies in my life right now. Even people who may not like me don’t wish me physical harm. That was not always the case. I remember there was one boy in my school who was always trying to “one up” me. We competed aggressively for prestige and position. (This was in my days before Christ). We had more than one fight trying to be the bigger man.

I wonder what could have happened if I had known the Lord then and shown him love rather than anger. If I had done good to him rather than harm, he and I both may have been better at the very thing we were trying to achieve.

Our children need to see you love those who “hate” you. Maybe you have a neighbor who is hard to get along with. Bake them some cookies or mow their lawn. Show your children that we can love anyone – if we let Jesus do the loving. Why? Because He loves them. He died for them. The least we can do is show them His love.


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