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“Hear now what the LORD is saying, ‘Arise, plead your case before the mountains, and let the hills hear your voice.’”

I can still recall how I felt the first half of my senior year in high school. I had received Christ as my Savior the summer before, so my whole focus changed in school. I began studying and did very well. Most of my teachers thought I was cheating because of the vast difference in my grades. I had to constantly plead with them that I was not cheating. It took them 3-4 months before they actually believed me. I knew what I was saying was true. They just did not believe it.

As we begin chapter 6 of Micah, the Lord is telling Micah to go plead his case before the people. Some scholars say this indicates that Micah was being hesitant proclaiming the message. Perhaps he got tired of saying it over and over again, and no one was listening and responding. God tells him to continue, to “let the hills hear your voice.”


We have to continue to share the Gospel with a lost and dying world. They may have turned up their noses or even verbally told us to stop, but we must keep going. The Lord has not, nor will He ever stop, loving you. He is constantly giving you grace and mercy. Should we not do the same to those around us?

The Lord has given us a message to share. It is the greatest story ever told. It is a message full of joy and promise. He has the capacity to heal all wounds and repair relationships. This story of grace, fulfilled by our Savior, can make the most hideous sinner a saint. It is a miracle story.

I am thankful that people took the time to tell me the story. I am so appreciative of several people in my childhood who spent their time teaching me the Word. All those Sundays going to Sunday School planted seeds in me that finally sprouted on July 31, 1977. I need to share that fruit with others. How about you?

O God, I cannot thank You enough for my salvation. Give me opportunities today to tell others about it.


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