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MICAH 4:1 

“And it will come about in the last days that the mountain of the house of the LORD will be established as the chief of the mountains. It will be raised above the hills, and the peoples will stream to it.” 

Have you ever traveled somewhere and saw mountains in the distance and wondered which mountains they were? It happened to me recently while traveling in Albania. I kept seeing this beautiful mountain in the distance, so I asked my friend, Ilir, what is was called. Of course, he told me and then preceded to give me the history behind it. 

What is this “mountain of the house of the Lord” mentioned here in Micah 4. Some say it is just the temple mount. They say Micah is referring to the eventual return of the people from their exile. Other scholars, of which I agree, say it is pointing to Christ. “In the last days” is combined with that to point to the day when Christ will return and establish Himself forever on that temple mount. 


Regardless of what is meant here, we all know that Christ is returning one day. It may be in our lifetimes or not, but He is returning. And when He does, He will establish Himself as the Supreme Ruler. Of course, this will be after the Rapture has occurred and the tribulation is over. But I don’t want to focus on eschatology today too much. 

My point is – Jesus is King. He Is now and forever will be. Whether He is here on earth or in heaven above, He is King. He rules. He reigns. The sooner we realize that and submit to Him, the better. 

The next time you see a mountain, think about the mountain of the house of the Lord and who that is. Let your thoughts be on Him each and every day. Start your day talking to Him and the rest of the day about Him. Your soon and coming King is on His way. It could be any day now. Are you ready? 

Lord, thank You for this image of Christ we see in today’s passage. Help us see Him every day in that way. 


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