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AMOS 1:7

“‘So I will send fire on the wall of Gaza and it will consume her citadels.’”

Have you ever seen a fort? I mean a real fort with high walls and towers. They are impressive. I’ve seen a couple. I can’t imagine anyone ever overthrowing those forts. The walls were thick and high. At the gates and every corner were guard towers with soldiers stationed. You would have to be very brave or very stupid to try to attack a fort like that.

Gaza was a strong and fortified city. So, when Amos proclaimed this prophecy, I am sure it amazed those who heard it. Many had tried to take Gaza and had failed. But Amos is proclaiming the Lord’s voice. He would ransack the city. He would send fire on its walls. He would consume its citadels. There is no city so strong that God cannot bring it to rubble.


I want you to hear that very clearly. We can never get so self-reliant that God cannot bring us down. We cannot build our walls so high that He cannot penetrate them. But God will not force Himself on us. He may allow things to affect our lives that bring us to Him, but He won’t drag us out kicking and screaming. We have to choose to come to Him.

Have you come to Him lately? Have you laid down all those walls you have been building up? He wants to fellowship with you. He doesn’t want to defeat you. He wants to love you. He wants to bring you into the folds of His family. He wants to make you His own. Don’t you want that?

I know I need that today. During this month when we focus on giving thanks, won’t you pause and do that? Give Him praise for all He has done and will do in your life. Thank Him for the blessings you have received. And thank Him (are you ready for this?) for the trials in your life. Yep, I said it. If you do that, you will be amazed how much less weighty those trials feel.

Thank You, God, for saving me and giving me new life in You. Help me to keep from building any walls that may separate me from Your love.


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