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ACTS 1:15

“At this time Peter stood up in the midst of the brethren (a gathering of about one hundred and twenty persons was there together), and said,” 

If you notice, whenever lists of disciples are mentioned in the New Testament, Peter is almost always listed first. I wonder if that was because of his big personality or because he was seen as the leader of the bunch.

We know that Jesus put him in charge after the resurrection, but I also believe that Jesus was grooming him those three years they were together. He knew it would take a strong man to lead in the face of the coming opposition. Peter begins right here taking the leadership role. They were moved to fill the vacancy left by Judas Iscariot’s betrayal. Verses 16 through 26 tells us how they selected Matthias to fill that spot. But it was Peter who led them through this.


Do your children have natural leadership skills? Many do. You can see it in their play when they take over to direct the other kids. You can even see it in their bucking of the rules sometimes. It is our job as parents to help develop those leadership skills so they can lead in a positive way.

I will never forget a young man I that I dealt with in a children’s home where I served. He was always in trouble because he was always fighting against the rules of the program. He was a natural born leader, but he wanted to lead in the wrong way. When I recognized that, I started giving him some opportunities to lead on campus in a positive way. I put him in charge of a work crew. The staff thought I was crazy, but that one little thing turned him around. He took ahold of the leadership opportunity and embraced it.

Has the Lord selected you to lead? Are you doing it? You may be fighting against it. Don’t do that. God needs strong, Christian leaders in today’s society. He wants you to step up, and like Peter, take charge. Many are depending on you to lead. But remember – the Lord is right beside you. You are not leading by yourself. In fact, you are co-leading with Jesus. Now get started.

I know You have called me to lead, Lord. Give me the courage to step out and do that. I will hold Your hand as I do it.


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