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1 TIMOTHY 1:12

“I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because He considered me faithful, putting me into service,” 

What does it mean to serve someone? I never worked as a waiter or server in a restaurant. There just weren’t many places to eat in my hometown. But my son, Christopher, worked for a number of years in a couple of places. He was good at it. He made sure his customers were served well. Their dining experience was his priority.

The word “service” in this verse is the word we get “deacon” from. Deacons are servants. They serve the body of Christ. They were never meant to be the ones who governed the church. So many churches have that wrong. A true deacon has a servant’s heart. They serve at the pleasure of our Lord and serve for one purpose – to help the church proclaim the Gospel.


Your children can learn to serve, as well. Service is a good thing. Serving others teaches humility. Serving others for Christ is fulfilling. Serving others allows them to put others above self. And look at how the Lord sees it in today’s verse. He considers us faithful to serve. It’s all about faith.

So, how can your children serve? How about helping clean rooms at church? No church has enough help cleaning. How about helping in the nursery (if they are old enough)? No church has enough nursery workers. How about helping serve snacks at Vacation Bible School? There are numerous ways in which your children can serve the Body of Christ. And teaching them this early will set them on the right path of service as they grow up.

Whom are you serving? Don’t look on service as a chore. Look on it as a privilege. You have the opportunity to show your love for Jesus by serving other believers. The Lord wants you to learn the joy of serving. Will you?

I am thankful I can serve others. Help me see it as You do, Lord. I want to be obedient to You as You lead me to serve.


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